Desert Bloom Wellness

Desert Bloom Wellness

A poem by Asja Hadzismajlovic

The wings of the bird are flattering
My inner being
And exposing the opening

An authentic key was created for me
As another one may be for thee

Do allow me to touch thee

To Be
And See

Tingling, merging and shifting
Mutually giving our cells a lift

Embodying the bird
Creating a third

Composing a symphony of never-ending birth

Let the river [...]

By placing one stone over the other

I am building myself under the sky

Not afraid to complete the puzzle
Not anxious to expose it

With a resonating laugh
I am enjoying the path

As the pieces come together
I could not feel any better

Every step is my home

Swirling into truth
I remain aloof

Rooted in the possibility
Of loving humanity

Gentle thoughts flood my system
As they dance within my skin
Flowering from within
Radiating like a gem

Satisfied to be
In simplicity
In intimacy
With the rest of the family

You, Me

Une étendue aussi ample
Pourtant si humble
Aux vertus d’un temple
Courrons au galop
Pendant qu’elle tremble
Buvons son eau

Nostalgique de la caresse de nos pieds
Elle nous frotte affablement le visage
Avec espoir de dévoiler le mirage
Elle secoue légèrement nos cycles perturbés

Et nous, têtu comme nous sommes
Continuons à foncer…

Remplie d’amour
La terre n’est pas si fébrile
Elle fait [...]

Kod srca
se nalazi tvoj pogled
A kroz tvoje oči
Izlazi očaravajući med

Uzmi moje lice
I preobradi ga kako ti paše
Jer što se mene tiče
Ja ne razumjem ljude koji se plaše

Dođi i stani pokraj mene
Neka naša ljubav nikne iz ove scene

Rodili smo se zajedno
I šetali smo planinama
Svatko na svojim stranama
Da bi se našli ponovo

U sred ljekovite šume
Tamo gdje [...]

Source d’eau, de forêts vierges et de ponts
De montagnes dont le somment sont les paradoxes
Perché entre l’Orient et l’Occident
Tu chantes les hymnes de la compassion

Pendant qu’on te détruit
Et qu’on te reconstruit

Ton hospitalité demeure intacte
Tu accueilles à bras ouverts les tueurs,
Les guérisseurs,
Les traitres
Et les fidèles

L’odeur de ton café adoucie nos émotions
Qui comme un [...]

With us there is no mystery
Together we bread integrity

United we stand
Over this chaotic land
Walking hand in hand
Across this multicolored sand

Yet haunted by our roots
We always polish our boots

We are rare
As we do not age
But blossom everywhere
Between us there is no cage