Dahlicious Lassi: Frequently Asked Questions

Dahlicious Lassi: Frequently Asked Questions

Organic? The product is 70% organic. We source the milk from a small, family-owned, organic dairy farm in upstate NY. We are continually searching for sustainably farmed organic fruit whenever possible. We use conventional fruits because many of the unique varieties we rely on are either not available locally, organically or are just not affordably priced.

Drinkable Food? Yes it’s a drink so drink it! High in protein. Low in sugar & fat Great for Breakfast, Meals on the run, Quick healthy snacks, even for dessert. You can drink an entire bottle or two all in one go.

Acidity? Looking to lower the acidity of your food? Choose Dahlicious Lassi, it’s less acidic than yogurt & far less than Kefir which is meant to be highly acidic. It’s less sour and generally ‘lighter’ too.

Health? Dahlicious Lassi, made with slow-cultured Dahi, delivers 15 billion Probiotic cultures/bottle. This remarkably high naturally occurring pro-biotic count is 5x’s higher than conventional yogurt. Ayurvedic health practioners have been using Dahi & Dahi based lassi for thousands of years to boost immunity, treat intestinal problems, fight fatigue, ease lactose intolerance and even address cholesterol issues.

Sugar? Calories? Each flavor of Dahlicious Lassi contains a different amount of added sugar and calories. Most of the sugar comes naturally from the cultured milk Dahi (yogurt) and fruit. We do use some organic cane juice to sweeten but try to add as little as possible. Check out our Nutrition Drops to help decide what’s right for you.

Does it have dairy? Is it okay to drink if I’m lactose intolerant? Yes, our lassi contains dairy, but don’t worry even those with lactose intolerance can enjoy it too, without ill effects! In fact, cultured milk products like Dahlicious Lassi, contain active cultures that can actually take care of the lactose for you.