Tips on Buying a Car

Tips on Buying a Car

Winning the car-buying battle

Know your price range and stick to it. When you look at buying a new

car, make sure you factor in all the monthly costs like insurance, gas and maintenance. This is where your affordable car can become a money pit if you''re not careful. Once you know how much you can carry each month, stick to your guns and don''t go over your budget. That may mean looking at a lower model of car or going to the used lot for the vehicle you really want.

Research and be prepared

Researching the vehicles that interest you and arming yourself with this knowledge will bring you half way down the road to your purchase. And most of this preliminary study can be done without even setting foot outside your front door.

There are more and more car-buying tools available to consumers on the Internet. There are several Great Canadian auto sites that have vehicle quote information and research libraries with consumer reports and test drive results. You can also go directly to the car manufacturer''s sites to get safety information, vehicle quotes and search for the nearest dealer. Once you have a few cars you know you like, we can help you see what the insurance costs will be for each one.

If you have a trade-in, know its value before you go to the dealer. Don''t let the dealer tell you what your car is worth. Sometimes you may think you are getting a great deal on the new car, but they are undercutting you on your trade-in.

The test drive It is customary to go for a test drive before you do any negotiations. Most dealerships require that you bring a sales person along with you. This can be intimidating, but don''t let it stop you from trying all aspects of the car. Make a checklist of the things you want in a car (e.g. comfort, acceleration, handling…) and take the list with you to the dealer. Go over it while you are still in the car and everything is fresh in your mind.