Give it to your co-workers, they’ll eat anything!

Give it to your co-workers, they’ll eat anything!

Remember that old Life cereal commercial where the kids say “Give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything”? That is how I feel about work break rooms/kitchens. Whenever I have leftover goodies from a holiday or party one of us takes them to work and it disappears rapidly.

I often joked that I could put a whole side of beef in an office break room and it would be picked clean in 20 minutes.

My husband took a very large cake that had been given to us to the office and it was gone in 15 minutes. At 8 am.

I appreciate the ability to share our goodies with others and I have often appreciated and eaten the goodies left in our break room. I am also grateful to have the temptations out of the house.

And yet….

after working this week-end I decided work is making me fat. Or maybe I should say there are far more opportunities to eat at work then at home. After all I am the one putting it in my mouth!

Seriously, I find myself much hungrier at work than at home. Often we are so busy at work that I am either eating when I am not hungry because I have a 10 minute window of free time or I am ravenously eating my lunch and anything else that isn’t nailed down because its now 3pm and I haven’t eaten since 5:30am.

Then there are days when we are all continuously grazing on whatever happens to be around.

I guess I should mention that I work part time at a very busy birth center at the local hospital which is why we don’t or often can’t take a regular lunch break and even when we do it is often interrupted.

This is an age old complaint of nurses and others in similar professions.

It does tell me that eating at regular intervals or at least the ability to eat when you are hungry plays a big role in how much you eat and what you choose to eat.

The obvious solution is stay strong and stay away from the break room.

I’ll work on that one and maybe I just need to throw out that cheesecake instead of taking it into work.

Do you think you are more inclined to eat more or less at work? Does your break room serve as a repository for desserts and leftover party food? Would a side of beef last longer than 20 minutes?

I am up for any and all solutions..not just for me but everyone.

Now to have the courage to throw out a perfectly good cheesecake!

Gone in 60 seconds

Not a cheesecake but this poor cake never had a chance..mostly gone in 60 secs..surprised the fork didn’t get eaten!