what to eat after exercise?I have

what to eat after exercise?I have

what to eat after exercise?

I have been working ad for a while, and I''ve never eaten after exercise. I have now reached a plateau and in fact I''m gaining weight! So now I''m paying more attention to nutrition after exercise, but each is me saying that eating carbohydrates and protein after my workout! I am very worried, is making my weight gain since I''ve never been eating after a workout for such a long time?

I believe that fresh fruit is good. Maybe a big juicy apple or grapefruit. Or something may be useful as a portion of your favorite cereal + 1% fat milk (or try to microwave oatmeal.) It is also good turket 2 strips of bacon and cheese bar, or a slice of low fat cheese. See with your doctor. I used to eat cereal after exercise and I dropped three pounds in a week, which never came again, and definitely lost an inch of my hips.





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