Would You Like to Determine Your Best Healthy Body Weight?

Would You Like to Determine Your Best Healthy Body Weight?

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How many times have you felt exhausted after climbing a few stairs?

Are you increasingly ashamed of showing your body at the beach?

Is your son or daughter at risk for childhood obesity and related health problems due to habits taught at home?

Can you imagine proudly getting to your healthiest weight?

What would you give to have a body like this and be physically attractive to women?

People often ask what is a healthy weight for my size. Or they may want to know their healthy weight for height and age. Everyone it seems is looking for the elusive ideal. But, who determines this ideal?

Before beginning any exercise or diet regiment a quick trip to your local family practictioner will give you good guidelines on desirable weight to height proportions for your age that are most beneficial for overall health. That is the first step--seeking a weight goal that gives overall health.

At home, for something more informal (which should not replace a quick doctor''s visit) I would start with the BMI calculator and use it as a guideline. Then I''d use my own mirror to determine what I look like versus what I want to look like. While it is important to maintain a healthy weight, I only use BMI as a guide. I found that I still was not satisfied wth the mirror results when I finally reached the high end of "normal" in the BMI Calculator guide.

I decided to continue working until I was closer to middle range of "normal". I liked that place a lot better. Generally, I like to wear fitted clothes and vintage cuts. These kinds of clothes can be very small waisted and unflattery to chubby guts like I had. So, while I was at my healthy weight according to BMI, I wasn''t at a healthy weight for me emotionally.

So, beginning with the BMI guide and the mirror, I then considered the things I want to be able to accomplish in my daily life. That includes singing and performing in musicals that can be quite dance intensive from time to time. And I should add that most of the time I am one of the oldest people performing in the musical and I want to have just as much ability as the people half my age. And often I do! Not to mention that in my line of work I work in the public eye and I feel a trimmer figure, closer to the lower-middle BMI was more desirable for me. That does not mean that is for everyone--that is what conclusions I, Renee, came to after much soul-searching!

Therefore, a personal healthy weight for me became one that allows me look and feel good in the kind of clothes I enjoy wearing and allows me to do the things I want to do with energy and vitality while reducing my chances for heart disease, cancer, and other ailments thought to be brought on by poor diet and lack of exercise.

The best news of all is that not everyone will have to be a stick model (thank goodness!) in order to be at a healthy weight. As people seeking to be healthy, we need to quickly dismiss the need to be a nearly ill-looking super skinny model or celebrity look alike. We all are created special and being healthy is the most attractive we can be!

Underweight can be just as unappealing as overweight. Even more so, for me personally.

In short, a healthy weight consists of:

1. Height and weight proportionate for your and age according to a physical exam by your physician and weight calculators like BMI.

2. A body in line with the desired look wanted in the mirror that still works within the guidelines above. (which may vary greatly depending on #3)

3. A consideration of what benefits a healthy body would allow for personally depending on lifestyle choices and desires.

For more on this topic, I urge you to read this fascinating article on "The Ideal Body Measurements" by fitness guru, Tom Venuto. His book is an AMAZING resource!

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Why is it Important to Maintain a Healthy Weight?

As I said earlier in this site, maintaining a healthy weight is the KEY to longevity and vitality in life. Having a healthy weight leads to a higher self-confidence and stronger belief in oneself. When we are able to maintain a weight that is healthy and achieve it natually. our resolve to face life''s challenges is strengthened. We feel we can accomplish anything!

On a physical level, maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important in staying physically fit as we get into older years, maintaining good cholestoral levels, managing osteporosis, lessening our changes of heart disease and stroke. In fact, there is no reason NOT to maintain a healthy weight.

A lot of maintaining a healthy weight has to do with the foods we choose to eat. Therefore, food choices are vital to good health and maintaining healthy weight.

"Donuts in--fat out: on hips" -that''s my motto. It''s that simple.

But, if you are like me deciding which foods, when, and how much was a pain in the butt. One way to save a lot of time and frustration is to get a personal guide to healthy weight loss.

This instantly attainable book focuses on nutrition and developing life-long healthy habits. And it even has a diet generator to give those who need it (like me) help in deciding what are the best foods to improve the way to eat for the long-term. Try Strip That Fat if you want common sense nutritional sense and focus.

You can read my personal review about this and several leading diet programs here. But, remember, no matter which program you ultimately go with, maintaining a healthy weight is like anything else in life. If it is worth having--it is worth working for.

So go for it! You deserve it!

To Your Continued Success,


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