Womens Health – Increase you sex drive or libido

Womens Health – Increase you sex drive or libido

Libido is the drive and passion for sexual interaction. Lack of sex drive is more common in women than men. Obviously, the major symptom of low sex drive in women is a low sexual desire with their partners. Another symptom of decreased sexual arousal in women is a reduced amount of vaginal lubrication. According to recent medical studies, over 40 percent of the women complain of lack of sex drive (low libido) whereas men who suffer with sexual dysfunction are about 30 percent.

There is no definite answer what causes low sex drive. The following psychological factors like depression, stress, work-related problems, and anxiety are attributed to low libido. Stress is one of the main factors of low libido and if your energy is low, you simply won’t be in the mood for sex. Numerous nonsexual diseases can also affect desire for sex, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and neurological diseases.

Estrogen helps maintain the health of your vaginal tissues and your interest in sex. But estrogen levels drop during the transition to menopause, therefore contributing to loss of sexual desire. Another factor, hormonal changes during pregnancy or giving birth and during breast-feeding can put a damper on sex drive.

Finding out whether your problem is psychological or physical is the most important thing to get the right treatment for low sex drive. Different causes equates to different treatments. If your low sex drive is caused by psychological factors like communication problems, anger, a lack of trust, a lack of connection, as well as a lack of intimacy with your partner, the treatment you ought to seek may be counseling. Before you go to a therapist, however, you can try to solve the problems on your own by talking about it with your partner.

If your partner does not know how to set the mood, you should take initiative. Tell your partner how you feel, how you want to get touch or if you’re feeling uncomfortable with something. Tell your partner what turns you on and what does not. Healthy sex drive can be incurred by spending romantic time with your partner, having sexual thoughts or seeing stimulating images leading to arousal.

At this time, there are no approved drug treatments for low sexual desire. There are many sexual enhancement products on the market today which can be used to solve low libido problems both male and female. These products come in varying forms, requiring minimum effort with maximum results. Some medical studies focusing on Womens health indicated that testosterone can increase sexual desire in women whose low sex drive is a result of the surgical removal of their ovaries. There are topical gels and creams, as well as tablets that are taken orally. Regular exercise can also help, as it increase your stamina, improve your figure and enhance your libido.

A woman’s sexual drive is very complicated, unlike a man’s which is very easy to understand. Remember that getting menopause or aging doesn’t mean you’re sexual life ends there. These are some step you can take to prevent low sexual drive, for more detailed guides and info about this topic, please visit: http://lowestrogenlevel. info

For more detailed guides, tips and information about this topic, please visit:
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