Affordable Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Affordable Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Nothing thrills a teenager more than to get behind the wheels of his own car. While the lectures on safe and responsible driving continue, getting insurance on the car is not so talked about. But it is equally important and unfortunately, an expensive proposition for most teens. It is true that most insurance companies charge high for insurance cover on cars driven by young drivers. They too are not completely irrational, for young drivers do fall in the ‘high-risk'' groups that have the maximum claims every year. They are an impatient and reckless lot, though generalizing would not be correct. They do get into the maximum number of road accidents and this statistical data cannot be refuted.

But following some guidelines can, however, bring down the cost of insurance a lot for the young driver. This encourages the youngster to drive with an insurance cover and not compromise his own safety and the safety of others on the road.

• The first step to lowering premium costs depends on your ride. Go for a slow car with a medium power engine. As a newbie, it will be easier for you to drive and control. Your parents will approve of your choice and so will be the insuring company. Again, building on statistical data, slower cars are prone to lesser accidents, as they do not accelerate fast and have lower chances of getting out of control. This fact reassures the insurer that you will not be bad for business.

• Curb your drives and you will pay less every month. Driving lesser distance each year, young drivers pay for lesser premium. This stands on the fact that a driver who drives less will automatically get into fewer number of accidents. Distance based insurance policies work best for young divers, willing to take it slow.

• Some companies offer special discounts and packages to young drivers. They can afford to do so, as they get in a large number of low-risk insurance policies like that of middle aged drivers and save about 10% of the rest for high risk groups like young or new drivers. While these two groups balance each other out, all parties benefit from this.

• Scout for the best company and policy online and you can save money along with time. Get multiple quotes for young driver''s insurance and compare costs as well as coverage.

• See if you qualify for other discounts like safety discount, if your car has been fitted with a security system.

• A no claim benefit at the end of the year may also reduce premiums for next year, so try to keep your driving record clean.

• Finally, bundling policies with other members of the family, especially parents can spell lower premium rates, and all of you get the benefit of being privileged customers of a single insurance company

Being a new driver is an exciting time, with new found freedom and a sense of responsibility. A car and its insurance cover strengthen this sense of responsibility.